Mobile Gaming Report 2011

This Is going to be my proper first post, because the real first one was just a presentation of this blog. So let’s go in to the business world!

This market report that I present now is about the mobile gaming market in 2011. Has been made from a wide range of sources, consultancy firms data, industry related websites, investment companies, etc. This is the executive summary:

Tablet and Mobile devices Market

  • Android dominates the smartphone operating system market worldwide, with a 52.5% of the share, followed by Symbian, with 16.90, and iOS, with a 15%.
  • iOS will dominates the tablet operating systems market at the end of 2011 with a 59 % of the share, followed by Android with a 40.3 %, and last, Blackberry which just cope the 0.7% of the total market.
  • There are more 250m iOS and 190m Android devices activated.
  • 55% of users play games on their phones or handheld device in 2010.
  • Games represent the 25.6% of the total downloads in the Android Market, more than twice the percentage of the second category, which is entertainment, with a 12.2%.
  • Games represent the 17.24% of the total active applications in iOS, followed for the category Book with the 11.03%.

Mobile Gaming

  • The mobile gaming market in 2011 was worth 8 billion dollars of the 56 billion of the global video game market.
  • Mobile gaming share of the total revenue of portable game software in US was the 58%. From a share in 2009 that was the 19 %.
  • Freemium has become in 2011 the most important business model reaching a 65% of the revenue in June. In January 2011 only account for the 39% of the revenue.
  • The average money spent for people who finally buy in-app is 14$. But just around the 0.5 % to 6% of total players finally buy in-app.
  • The barriers to entry in the mobile gaming market are low, in relation with the other video game markets.
  • Currently there are almost 130000 active publishers in the Apple App Store.

Mobile Market Demographics

  • Games are the most downloaded mobile app categories in all the application stores in the US.
  • Mobile games are playing on average more by females and the average player age is 28.2 years.
  • 18-24 years is the group of age which expend more time playing and 25-34 is the one which expend more money in freemium mobile games
As I said this is just the executive summary, but in the link there is the full Mobile gaming Market Report 2011. I hope some people will find interesting.