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This blog is born with a main purpose, to analyse from a business point of view the video games industry. Video games have been my passion as far as I can remember, but years ago I started to worry about them beyond the fact of just play them.

First I focused in the concept of genre and video games, which lead me to write my final dissertation in my Media Studies Degree about this subject.

However, since I have started my MA in International Media Business at Westminster University last September I developed a strong passion for the video games industry itself. How it works, which are the main sectors and companies, how they compete and which are the strategies used for all of them in order to achieve SCA.

This blog is going to become the platform where I will post all my thoughts about the video games industry, focusing in the mobile and social games sectors, which have been forecasted to grow 8% a year till 2015, and the ones which personally attract me the most and which I would like to develop a professional career.

Those who are expecting an analysis of the new AAA title, there are thousand of sites which could provide that information. Words as strategy, revenue, M&A, growth,business models, and so on, will be the day-to-day of my posts. As well, I will upload all the assignments that I have done during my courses: I have put a lot of effort on them, and I think some people will find it interesting.

That is all! Enjoy! I am doing it already.